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Precious Illusion
I reject your reality and substitute my own
29th-Dec-2020 02:44 pm - Sticky Post
some entries are

friends only

please comment before you add me so I'll know to add you back

19th-Aug-2014 11:12 am - Random happenings

I'm back to school soon. My school starts 1.9. and I'm taking physics, Swedish, history and Spanish.

I finally went to see The Fault in Our Stars. It was good, pretty much what I expected.

I had a brief period where I ate bunch of non-vegan stuff, but now I'm back on track as they say. Also, I went to Ljubljana and there was great vegan food variety!

TW weightCollapse )

15th-May-2014 04:27 pm - this is a post
I'm completely obsessed with Filofaxes. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy this one when I go to Scotland.

In other news, I'M GOING TO SCOTLAND! I'm not sure when, it all kinda depends Ulla, who I'm going with. Maybe in the end of June and/or beginning of July. (Also, I'm going to Ljubljana for a week in the end of July/beginning of August.)

I haven't had any ed symptoms in awhile, so YAY!

Also, I'm wearing a crop top! I haven't wore a crop top since I was 10. It's nice. :D I just have to have some courage to wear it outside the house. :P (Also I bought few shorts, in pastel pink and lavender. I loooove them!)

I think I'll try to revive my LJ. (Which FYI has a cute new layout I made like a month ago.) I also really like to be up to date with my fl.

+ I could do a friends cut, so let me know if you want to stay. :)
22nd-Apr-2014 07:42 pm - easter

10th-Apr-2014 01:35 pm - helsinki-stockholm

6th-Apr-2014 09:18 pm - snapshots from the weekend


I love tasting new sodas. This was just ok, I don’t think I’ll buy it again though (at least not in Finland, it’s 2€ per can).



I got a new passport! And it has all these cute animals, including my favorite, a hedgehog.




Chico’s used to have these yummy soy patties, but they don’t serve it anymore. They have two non-meat patties, Quorn and veggie, but neither of them are vegan. Luckily this Chico’s I was in had few of the previously mentioned soy patties left, so we (me and Ulla) didn’t have to try to find another place to eat at 22:30.



Just a random food pic. I love taking pics of my food (you’ll see!).



Flowers! The first ones I’ve seen this spring. I spent few days with my mom and she had these in her yard.

Current Music: HIMYM S05E10

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21st-Sep-2013 01:05 pm - Copenhagen pt. 1
Ambrosias Have
Almost a vegan buffet. They had butter (and pink hummus and sunflower seed butter), but otherwise it was vegan. It was ok, but not as nice as I expected. It got really good reviews on HappyCow, but for me it was quite boring and bland. But OOOOH, it looked so pretty!



Pretty building!

Vegan hotdog
Vegan hot dog! Wasn't as good as I expected, but onions made it pretty yummy.

Pigeons wanted my hot dog.
15th-Sep-2013 09:37 pm(no subject)

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