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Precious Illusion
I reject your reality and substitute my own
15th-Sep-2013 06:46 pm - Random update
Hi! I'm still alive. :P

My iPhone is not working. ;_____; (I've been using my mother's Nokia.) I REEEALLY want to buy iPhone 5C, but it's not being sold in Finland any time soon.

I'm going to Copenhagen on thursday. I wish they have Matcha Frapuccinos in Starbucks, because I really wanted one in Frankfurt but I was so full I couldn't drink one. (In other news, Finland is getting it's second Starbucks soon!) I'm really waiting few restaurants, like a sushi place, which is near our hotel, a vegetarian buffet place that has two vegan days a week and a raw vegan restaurant. Also we're going to Tivoli and I'm gonna visit the National Museum, because YAY MUSEUMS! :D
27th-Jun-2013 07:37 pm - Camp NaNo July
I'M WRITING CHICK LIT! I decided to write a new novel (yeah, like I don't have enough unfinished stories) and it's gonna be chick lit. It's about Maria, 28-32 year old (I'm not sure yet) divorced woman who decides to move to her home town. I know that she's a librarian and her best friend has lived in the hometown all her life.

I'm pretty sure Maria will meet a man (OH GOD I'M WRITING A STRAIGHT PROTAGONIST!) and well, then something happens.

ETA: Or maybe gay chick lit. I kinda like that too. (Seriously I seem to have major problems with writing straight protagonists.)



Also, if you have ideas for the plot or characters, I'd like to know. :D
14th-Jun-2013 11:46 pm - ramdoms
So I'm eating fish. I was craving salmon so freaking much and thought that maybe my body is trying to tell me something. (Also, the ED clinic doesn't really recommend a vegan diet and right now that suits me just fine. :P)


I decided to participate in a writing for the first time. It's a novel writing competition and I have like 2k words written from last November. I'm going to send Punatiilitalo, the novel about Lilja who attempts suicide and is send to a mental ward. I don't really think I'll win or anything, but at least I hope to actually FINISH something.


My trackpad is going crazy, ARGH! I think I should get a new one, but a. it's about 70 euros and b. I'm afraid of messing up my macbook when putting it in.


I've been reading quite a lot, because I borrowed a Kindle from the library. I've been reading Go Ask Alice, which I probably would've loved if I'd read it way younger, 50 Shades of Grey, which I would've loved never and How to write a damn good novel, which I like a lot. I've also been a master's thesis one of my wrimo-friend wrote, it's mainly about discordianism.
20th-May-2013 09:52 pm - Today I...
...visited a thrift store and got new butt-ugly but comfortable sandals.
...have watched bunch of how-to videos of packing a backpack.
...am gonna make pancakes.
...have been looking for flights to and hostels in Edinburgh.
...have been looking for things to do and see in Athens.
13th-May-2013 03:49 pm(no subject)
I was in Tallin for a day last week.


Untitled #sunset
Me on a sun deck / Sunset

#sushi My new hat! #hellokitty #sanrio
I ate sushi (that was room temperature) / a Hello Kitty hat.

Hankintalistalla seuraavana: rinkka Untitled
I went to look at backpacks with Ulla (buleeleniel)

#blackoutpoetry Circle
I made some black out poetry in Kallio library / and took a photo of the ceiling

Uusi tukka. #Baseball #EspooExpos
I dyed my hair / read an article about Espoo Expos (my brother and cousin were interviewed)

#NaNoWriMo #amwriting Iltalukemista. #nanowrimo
editing the stray cat / reading Marionetti

One of my favorite bands is quitting. :'( I HAVE to get tickets to they're last gig! Also I think I'm going to a festival in June, because there's PMMP (the band that's quitting) and also bunch of other bands that I like (Turmion Kätilöt, Raappana, Paleface).

I'm going camping next Saturday (and to celebrate Hanami on Sunday). I haven't been camping in, well like ever. I'm really exited! I'm going with Ulla. I was just in a thrift store and got my self some outdoors-y pants for 1,50 € and a jacket for 2,50 €. I was happy to find some in my size. :) Tomorrow my parents bring me my aunt's large backpack and a tarp for the camping trip.

I've been editing and my father his friend who has is a professor in Finnish. OH GOD, :D/D: But my father said that it is written in a month and I haven't really touched it since. I decided not to edit the last nanovel and focus on Marionetti.
9th-May-2013 10:48 pm(no subject)
I've been editing for 5 hours, first my 2012 NaNo (the stray cat) and then my 2010 NaNo (Marionetti). I'M TIRED!

I have to do the editing for the stray cat by the end of June so I can get my 5 free copies. Also I want to finish Marionetti, so I can sell it and get more money for my visit to Edinburgh. :P

TW:EDCollapse )

ETA: By "sell it" I mean get all my friends and family to buy it...
26th-Apr-2013 05:34 am - Tahdon2013

Few days ago I was in this gig that was put together to support this thing that's trying make same sex marriage happen. (Oh yes, I know how to explain things.) Anyway the bands that were there were like all my faves, yay! I didn't get a ticket myself, but then buleeleniel called me and said thay she had bought two tickets just incase I want to go.

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5th-Jan-2013 03:20 pm - picspam
Just some random photos I've taken recently.


ootdnewyears linturanka


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4th-Jan-2013 10:27 pm - Project 365: 2013

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